Getting Started

Questions and Answers on How to Start A Balf League

Q.:  How do I start a Balf League?

A.:  To be a sanctioned Balf League you must have an approved Golf Course, a League Secretary and at least three other Balfers.  The League duration must be at least four consecutive weeks of Balf Play.  Talk to your friends that also enjoy the game of golf, but maybe frustrated trying to play well.  A lot of Balfers also play softball.  If you are on a softball team, talk to your fellow players.  Don’t leave out good golfers, they might like a change of pace.

Q.:  How do I Find a Golf Course to Play Balf On?

 A.:  If you play golf already try the course you have been playing on all this time.  You probably already know the people that work there and explaining Balf will be easier.  Let the Manager know that Balf is a substitute to golf not a replacement of the game of golf.  Balfers pay the same green fees, Balfers generally play faster than golfers, Balfers don’t leave broken tees on the course, and Balfers don’t chop up the course with divots.  Seasoned Balfers mix well with golfers in a foursome.

Q.:  What if I don’t Have a Regular Golf Course?

 A.:  Check out all the courses in your area.  Try to approach the course that in the least busy.  Public Courses are more receptive than Private Courses.  Don’t leave out short Par 4 courses and Par 3 Courses as a last resort to at least get started. 

Q.:  What should I say to the Course Manager?

 A.:  Give the Manager a Balf Brochure and explain the sport of Balf.  If the course has a Driving Range ask the manager to go to the Range with you and demonstrate hitting the drives, approach shots and bunting.  Encourage the Manager to try it.  Explain that more times than not, Balfers are in the fairway and that’s why Balfers play faster than golfers.  Try to set up a Tee time with the Manager and another Balfer.  Playing 9 Innings will help answer most all of the Managers questions and he will see that Balf is a real sport.

Q.:  What do I do if the Manager says he’ll have to think about it?

 A.:  Set up another appointment with the manager.  Make the appointment no longer than 3-5 days away.  Set up a Tee Time for you and another Balfer before the next appointment.  Tell the manager that you will let him know if you get any negative comments while you are playing Balf on the course.  If he lets you set a Tee Time chances are that you will be starting a Balf League on that course.  In the mean time keep talking to other course, you can not have enough courses to play Balf on.  If the manager would like to talk to a manager of a course that Balf is already played on, that can be arranged by talking to the Balf Commissioner.  He will help arrange the phone call with you.

Balfers MUST ALWAYS BE ON THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR not only on the golf course but also in the Club House.  Balfers should always consider themselves as “First Time Guests” and act accordingly  The only way you and Balf will get respect, is to first give respect.  Golfers were here first and you will have to any a lot of questions on and off the course.  When on the course playing, always carry a Balf brochure and a couple of range balls with you.  When a golfer asks what you are doing, explain Balf to them, give them a brochure and invite them to hit a ball or two to see what it is all about.  If they refuse to try it, don’t insist just be pleasant.  Most all of the golfers you will encounter are just curious about Balf. Always be over polite, it works!

The Balf Commissioner will also be willing to talk to any golf course manager or help with any other questions or problems that come up.